Custom Large Stainless Steel Helical Gear For Reducer



Helical gears can transmit energy between parallel or perpendicular axes through the use of helical teeth. They are designed to distribute pressure gradually along the whole tooth. Because of their tooth inclination, helical gears run smoother and quieter than other gears and are able to carry heavy loads efficiently. Due to the gradient of the teeth and the pressure applied, these gears are subject to axial thrust. This can be remedied by the use of thrust bearings and specialized lubricant.


 Material 40Cr,Steel, carbon steel,20CrMnTi
 Gear type Spur gear, Helical gear, Cylindrical gear
 Module of Gear M0.8-20
 Number of teeth Z17-50 teeth or customized
 Size According to customer’s drawing
 Pitch diameter According to customer’s drawing
 Pressure Angel 20 ° or customized
 Precision of gear Grinding ISO Grade 5-7 & Hobbing ISO Grade 7-8
 Pitch angle Customized
 Weight Customized
 Top clearance   coefficient C* Customized
 Addendum height   coefficient ha* Customized
 Tolerance ±0.05mm or customized
 Heat treatment Normalizing;annealing;quenching&tempering
 Inspection Raw material inspection, UT, physical property test,dimension inspect
 Features Compact structure, safe and reliable, simple control, wide application   range, high quality and high precision
 Application Construction industry machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural   machinery, forestry machinery, mining machinery.
 ODM/OEM Avaliable
 Package Standard exportation package, free-fumigation plywood case with pallet for heavy equipment, for small, cartoons would be provided or packed in pallet. Plastic lining, fixed with wood clips, or according to customer requirements. And we could provided logo printing, professional design.
 Payment T/T, L/C, Alibaba Trade Assurance, etc.